century science and technology

  • developed country, came true to accuse aldehyde technology " hop " . According to Hai Miao century science and technology develops limited company controller to introduce, this company Composite Wood Plastic Flooring In Malaysia already began to pay attention to pair of big core two years ago board science and technology is devoted, come two years " Hai Miao " in order to overtake Japan, Euramerican for the target, collected the high-level researcher such as a

    batch of Masters, doctor to share work of research,national air wall systems development, it is big core only board the scientific research task that establishs with Niao aldehyde glue amounts to more than 10, investment of scientific research capital amounts to many yuan 300. The reporter is in unexpectedly plank city tastes battalion of Outdoor Concrete Flooring Treatments city of building materials of the home, 4 benefit, Yu Quan, Beijing on the west the building

    materials market such as market of music of 10 lis of rivers sees, "Hai Miao " still be in designedly imprint on core board greatly have " proposal sale price " . Business of a booth porch flooring over concrete says, hai Miao is big core board is the most expensive, but sell best, good money is afraid that chaos of businessman raise up the price is fried, hai Miao is so big sale of core board price fixing. According to expert analysis,