stored in the warehouse must be registered

  • and he should take measures such as changing the plug, otherwise, accidents will occur and all his efforts will be abandoned. 6, registration. All wines that are stored in the warehouse must be registered. Each type of alcoholic beverage should be marked with a card.

    The above information should be registered and recorded for the age, origin, and price of the wine. Once the wine has been placed, do not move it. In particular, do not clean the dust that falls on the bottles, especially for premium wines. 7. Do not mix with other goods.

    Many wines breathe strongly, and foreign odors can easily enter the bottle through stopper caps and are absorbed by the liquor. In particular, attention should be paid to the prevention of the entry into the cellar of objects that emit strong odors such as detergents, pickles, stinky tofu, and cheese.

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