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  • the land of use force greatly in recent years, especially as what decorate heat arisen, man-made board has made indispensable important part. Show according to composite gazebo for decking newest statistic data, my compatriots was built 1998 board crop is amounted to 1056. 330 thousand stere, among them beaverboard 219. 50 thousand stere, particieboard 266. 30 thousand stere, plywood 446. 520 thousand stere, someone

    else is built board 1.24 million stere.light weight boat flooring materials In recent years, density beaverboard is in in Asian country high speed develops, our country already was become in the production with density the biggest beaverboard and one of consumptive countries. Although the man-made of our country board industrial development is very rapid, yield rises ceaselessly, but average per capita has bathroom cladding max wells a quantity

    an appointment with 4 meters high, total floor area makes an appointment with 2300 square metre, ham area makes an appointment with 20 square metre, on fire place is lumber bake room,how much does a wood deck cost per square foot colombia combustion material is lumber, of very lucky is casualties of the member that did not build an adult. Linyi holds lumber to machine processing of enterprise dust explosion proof to groom class recently, linyi city