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  • the industry is the most Popular topics,patio and outdoor fencing and gate due to the huge volume of domestic and foreign private equity and venture capital industry have shown a strong interest in China's building materials industry. The world's largest building materials supermarket Home Depot invested nearly 100 million US dollars to borrow the world's shell into the Chinese market; the United States Carlyle Investment Group to 27.5[url=http://wintouch.in/diy-deck/10140.html]trek deck ceiling planks pricing[/url] million US dollars to invest in

    Shanghai Shun floor; China Unicom Hony to invest 60 million yuan Cobalt Boluo Ni .why wpc is more expensive that wood "For the flooring business , Funding is still very important with the funds, will be able to attract more talents, but also to accumulate more high-quality materials and resources. "The industry also said that in the continuous improvement of development,[url=http://wintouch.in/diy-deck/12040.html]wood chairs and tables design[/url] but also hope to attract some high-quality venture capital The injection.The export pressure brought by

    the appreciation of the renminbi has further squeezed overseas flooring exporters'high quality european style outdoor decking businesses and they have to find new sales channels in China. Increasing pressure on RMB appreciation, so that some exporters have to turn their attention to the country. An flooring company in Jilin Province is such an exporter. On the 29th,[url=http://elbowpatch.org/eco-panel/4210.html]similar insurance composite roof shingle[/url] a person in charge of the marketing department of the company, Mr. Kim, said in an interview that the exchange