pine of radiation pine

  • mafin breed is lumber of Changshu port entrance pine of radiation pine, Hua Qisong, fallen leaves, fir, dragon spruce, Liu Sha, basically originate country and the area such as New Zealand, Australia, Russia, Japan, United States, southeast Asia, loosen to be planted for dominant goods with New Zealand radiate among them.

    This year the beginning of the year, suffer objective element effect, situation of trade of Changshu port lumber for a time austere, the mafterial such as pine of the fir that is a delegate with Russia lumber especially, fallen leaves is planted import volume begins to appear to drop considerably from the beginning of the year, according to statistic, mafterial imports 1-8 month Russia this year quantity and dropped compared to the same period last year 88 thousand stere, fall amount to 39% .

    But because demafnd of New Zealand lumber is exuberant this year, appear to grow considerably, according to statistic, 1-8 month imports New Zealand timber in all 1.662 million stere, go up amount to 7.4% , growth quantity amounts to 114 thousand stere. (golden light boasts) On September 11 8 when 15 minutes, government of province of provincial Party committee is carried out further fulfil a secretary-general to save serious talk spirit to advance meeting and meeting comrade to peaceful to me country of area of collaboration of economy of fragrance river border is forest industry city, medium Russia crosses custom of condition cable business to superintend platform item to mafke an on-the-spot investigation.

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