dlet the production line turn up

  • In the development of new products, every month for market research, the specifications of the floor, the color of the floor for statistical analysis, each month out of some color sales of bad products, an increase of two markets reflect the better new color The In 2007, the board of directors of the plant and set up a "military legislation",

    plans to achieve a total profit of 2 million yuan, so that investors are Chuaizhuo red envelopes every year. Chen Ming board report: for the source of living water soon before, this reporter accompanied Shouguang TV reporter to Shouguang Chenming sheet company interview, is encountered in the workshop downtime maintenance,

    which for the television reporter, the heart about half of the cold The At this time, a staff who is busy repairing equipment to understand our intention, said enthusiastically: "Please do not worry, I asked the leadership, will be able to let the production line turn up!" Sure enough, not a few minutes, the production line Of the operator on all in place,

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