construction of green

  • On September 22, exposition of industry of construction of green of the 2nd international is in Guangzhou Pa continent guild hall opens. This second before exhibiting the businessman that can attract the many domains such as lumber, frame house, woodworker, man-made board, will join exhibit. However, the reporter discovers however in the process that visit, with in former years bustling crowd photograph is compared, this year exhibit can appear however want cold and cheerless much.

    With in former years exhibit the ginseng such as lumber of the southeast Asia on the meeting, Africa lumber to exhibit business to hold half the sky to differ somewhat, in exhibit currently on the meeting, the ginseng of North America lumber exhibits business to have greatly " reverse the position of the host and the guest " ,

    race to control exhibits the manner of meeting stage leading role. According to the 3 leaves with wooden industry the manager expresses, in recent years and other places of southeast Asia, Africa publishs lumber to endure strike again and again, ban the measure such as exit, wood supply substantially atrophic, what cut as lumber at the same time is ceaseless and thorough, the price of the local lumber such as Africa, southeast Asia has not had competitive advantage. Here case falls, manufacturer of downstream furniture of not little country begins to change resourceful, price to solid North America wood gradually, the market share of North America material is climbed gradually litre.

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