The role of high performance concrete

  • Although the domestic role of expansive agents in a variety of high performance concrete has been some useful research and exploration, but from the high-performance expansion of concrete to consider, the work is still limited, many important areas or not yet involved. HPEC from the composition of cementitious materials, concrete mechanical properties, deformation behavior, performance and other aspects of EC and HPC are many different. HPEC has excellent overall performance, is a very promising application of high-performance structural materials. For the high-performance expansion of concrete to do a brief summary: for HPEC, to ensure the expansion of its expansion and strength of the coordinated development of materials is to achieve excellent performance and performance of the key; another good external conditions also affect the quality of materials to play a factor. In general, if the expansion is premature, although it is conducive to the early formation of the slurry, but at the same time there will be more expansion in the plastic stage, resulting in ineffective expansion, reduce the expansion efficiency; if the expansion efficiency in the structure When the intensity is high, it will lead to a decrease in strength, cracking of the specimen or structure, even under unconstrained or weak constraints. Therefore, the coordinated development of strength and expansion is the key to the design and structure control of expansive concrete materials. infrared pothole repair truck heat infrared repair truck suppliers best product for concrete crack repair talking pothole commercial