Effect of expansive agent on strength of high strength concrete

  • Although the domestic role of expansive agents in a variety of high performance concrete has been some useful research and exploration, but from the high-performance expansion of concrete to consider, the work is still limited, many important areas or not yet involved. HPEC from the composition of cementitious materials, concrete mechanical properties, deformation behavior, performance and other aspects of EC and HPC are many different. HPEC has excellent overall performance, is a very promising application of high-performance structural materials. For the high-performance expansion of concrete to do a brief summary: in the recommended dosage (6% -8%) range, 3d and 7d age, the expansion agent mortar strength and the reference concrete compared to a slight decline in cracking time, Smooth the early tensile strength and easy to crack the dangerous stage, so as to improve the ability of early crack resistance; the other hand, delay the possible cracking time, so that the concrete strength to further improve, to avoid or reduce the purpose of concrete cracking. The addition of expansion agents gives us a better understanding of high performance concrete, from high-strength concrete to high-performance concrete (HPC) today. HPC is a new type of high-tech concrete, is a substantial increase in the performance of ordinary concrete on the basis of the use of modern concrete technology, the use of high-quality raw materials, in strict quality management made of high quality concrete. It must meet the general performance of ordinary concrete, but also must meet the high strength, high mobility, high volumetric stability, high environmental protection and excellent durability and other requirements. thermal leak detector home depot expansion and contraction joints in buildings micro milling process practical machinery vibration analysis and predictive maintenance download