the leakage of water

  • According to the author's construction experience, the construction of such materials should note the following:plugging the most suitable for leaks. for the deformation of the leakage caused by the use of anti slip plastic decking ireland rigid and flexible combination of the method, that is, first with such materials to block the leakage of water, do a layer of elastomer material, and finally do the protective layer. a large area of ??construction, can be in alkali-resistant glass fiber, PP cloth and other composite materials can be used in combination.

    in the toilet bath waterproof, the corner of the best wipe into the arc, for the water pipe and composite wood furniture plans the bottom of the sink is best reserved around the small slot. This construction method and the elastic material construction of the difference is that this root. In the construction of organic elastomer waterproof material, the root does not have this small groove.

    And with inorganic rigid coating waterproof material construction, so that the material filled with small trough, to achieve waterproof effect. This is to give full play to direction of laminate wood flooring Norway the micro-expansion of such materials to achieve its waterproofing purposes. inorganic rigid coating waterproof material construction is best to do the concrete base, and the grassroots have sufficient strength to do when the wall waterproof construction should avoid direct sunlight, should be timely conservation, and do a protective layer. 6, for the structure by the temperature of the 2x6x12 composite decking for sale thermal expansion and contraction of the larger projects still use caution.