"New retail" era, Lin's wood industry to lead the furniture bus

  • By the Spring Festival holiday, in February, the scale of the national furniture procurement has shrunk dramatically, according to "Government Procurement Information" reporter incomplete statistics, the country through open tender, competitive negotiations, inquiry, etc. to complete the actual 250 projects, procurement size of about 2.1 Billion, the chain fell 42%, down 20% year on year. In February, the government procurement of furniture market has a clear feature, that is, a small number of projects and smaller project size. According to statistics,outdoor camping chairs folding only about 250 furniture procurement projects, and less than one million yuan project less than 1/5. Procurement scale to reach 10 million yuan of the project only two, most of the furniture procurement projects for 500,000 yuan within the project. Overall, the smaller number of projects is the main reason for the overall decline in procurement size in February.

    In February the majority of the project procurement scale smaller environment, two successful bid amount of 10 million yuan of large projects particularly eye-catching. "Suzhou Xihe Industrial Co., Ltd. hotel furniture project," the bid amount of 2095.6573 million, after fierce competition, the final Jiangsu Beng Furniture Co., Ltd. won the bid. It is worth mentioning that the Jiangsu hotel furniture project once again won the first prize, as tourism to promote economic development of the important provinces and cities, Jiangsu Province, the hotel procurement project demand, in September 2016 the country's three major furniture procurement projects are Jiangsu Hotel furniture projects, many furniture companies have also look to the market,folding bed covers for pickup trucks we bid or successful business list has been able to find from other provinces and cities well-known furniture enterprises, such as Beijing Century Jingtai Furniture Co., Ltd., Beijing Jinyu Tiantan Furniture Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Bai Li Wen Yi Industrial Co., Ltd., and so on.

    In addition, "Gansu Province Education Equipment Office 2016 kindergarten toys, furniture, provincial centralized procurement project" by the Guangdong Guangyuan Trading Company, Nantong City Rongzu Teaching Equipment Co., Ltd., Shandong Province Boxing Xian Xinda Gangmu Furniture Co., Ltd., Binzhou City Qili Wood Industry Co., Ltd. 4 units bid different sub-package, the total size of 1309.0176 million yuan. Gansu Province since 2016, vigorously develop the cause of compulsory education, school furniture project purchase a great amount. In 2016, Gansu only compulsory education furniture procurement project procurement scale is close to 400 million yuan. In 2017, Gansu continued to adhere to the development of compulsory education strategy, in which the scale of school furniture procurement continues to expand,used bedroom furniture sets in January the first big standard is "Gansu rural compulsory education school kitchen equipment with procurement projects", the bid amount of 4435.18 million. Gansu compulsory education furniture procurement project has been the country's furniture enterprises have acted up, and actively participate in which, Shandong, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Beijing, many large enterprises such as Shandong Ford Furniture Co., Ltd., Jiangxi sincere school with Industrial Co., Ltd., Sichuan Yong Hang Industrial Co., Ltd. and so have begun to force.