development of the European Baroque products

  • In 2006, Dazhuang in the new life with Taiwan's strategic investment cooperation, the full development of the European Baroque products, with just a year to create a new era of luxuryism. Why do you want to move the big move, to do this is what the manufacturers have to do, we can see that they set up their own product category structure of great importance.

    To provide international products has undoubtedly become a big store store trump card. Investment start floor production base production and marketing integration decision competitive advantage in the Dazhuang store experience an endless stream of traffic, Dazhuang store is the most attractive place for consumers what is it?

    Dazhuang people answer is: "the optimal cost performance." What is the optimal cost performance? The essence is the big village behind the production and marketing integration, reduce the middle part of the industry. At the end of 2006, Dazhuang had completed all the preparatory work for the tropical rainforest manufacturing base,

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