more you use the more smooth

  • texture delicate beautiful Moxian, beautiful oil shadow, the overall decoration form a natural texture, 5 in different poses and with different expressions of high oil content, the more you use the more smooth surface is very delicate teak furniture is oily, this grease in the protection of the furniture to make it shiny and glossy, durable. At the same time it is also the teak oil layer the scent of so many insects can not close. 6, more golden teak furniture is more amazing is that it's planing surface color is through photosynthesis

    and oxidation of golden color with time and more beautiful. Two, teak furniture disadvantages due to demand for teak, teak market leads to uneven, difficult to distinguish between true and false; such as the black gold Manglietia, teak, teak, gold fish, there are a lot of furniture materials posing as teak; with teak, auxiliary materials such as wardrobe drawer backplane, laminates, laminates replaced by other wood or laminated instead of wood. These furniture has the characteristics of teak itself, nor the preservation and

    appreciation of the. The analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of teak furniture Xiaobian introduced here, want to learn more knowledge about furniture, please continue to pay attention to house decoration Raiders, you will find a satisfactory answer.Cork flooring good environmental protection, sound insulation, moisture-proof effect, can bring people a great feeling. Cork floor can be divided into paste type cork floor and lock type cork floor. The house and a look at the relevant knowledge of

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