Slope Bundle Method

  • Stone excavation according to the type of rock, weathering degree and the degree of development of the cut, the inevitable excavation. For the long and deep common nature of this cut, the use of longitudinal layered sub-excavation, each layer first dug a channel, and then digging bilateral, so that each layer has a self-unearthed routes and short-term drainage trivial; Weathered ruptured rock mass, in order to ensure the construction of the slope of the firm and slope protection of the application of the industry, the use of path-type excavation, according to the height of the management application equipment platform, the formation of path slope. Excavation, the slope reserved 2-3m using smooth blasting or pre-splitting blasting operations, wild brush slope. Excavation in the discovery of a large amount of change, to stop the construction, from scratch to carry out engineering geological reconnaissance mission, and in accordance with the new geological data to amend the construction management, supervision and management engineers after the implementation of the approval. Due to the large amount of excavation works, the construction environment is complicated, the technical application is high and the construction is difficult. It is the link project of the construction of the project. According to the groove pile into the cut into the cutting line, carry out the table, clear and so on. Landslide section of the treatment, from the landslide side to the middle from top to bottom, is strictly prohibited unilateral pull groove excavation. Construction of a special view, to prevent landslides. In case of heavy rain, heavy snow, fog and six (including six) above the breeze and other rough climate, immediately stop the operation. led message signs wholesale preformed elastomeric joint sealer asphalt material transfer device types of rollers in compaction