Construction of slope protection

  • In order to ensure the safety of vehicles and construction, the equipment is equipped with anti-collision bucket and movable fence and conical mark on the inside of the old hard roadbed of the old expressway. Signs, preparedness to reach the vehicle leaning on the road edge, against the slope of gravel crashed unexpectedly hit the past vehicles, to ensure the safety of vehicle traffic, not to mention along the construction section of the arrangements for security patrol staff found that the slope of the dangerous report and processing, found gravel fell to high speed On the road in time to ensure that the old highway to ensure the safety of traffic. Timely and is operating the husband highway highway road brigade get contact, for the construction of the protection of the removal section of the adoption of speed limit program, in the mobile isolation barrier hanging to speed up the slow, pay attention to safety and other signs, and the construction section of the speed limit of 60km To ensure safety and construction safety. Construction road is strictly prohibited vehicles parked, to prevent the old roadbed slope instability. In the construction section and the local route at the junction of the installation of equipment safety slow to remind the slogan and security signs, not to mention the 24-hour rotation of the staff to guard, to ensure that the construction staff, engineering vehicles access to the safety and local routes vehicles and pedestrian safety The Timely clean up the route sprinkle the earthwork and construction materials, and sprinkle water and dust; construction area at both ends of the equipment installed speed limit and construction warning signs. Construction and transportation as far as possible use of sidewalk and construction section roadbed. Do a short drain equipment, prepared construction water, rain into the existing road, affecting the driving environment. crack filler silicon sealant potholes repair equipment geico commercial pothole pavement grade asphalt sealer