The main category of aggrandizement floor

  • below the actor weakness that gives everybody introduction aggrandizement floor board, everybody can consult! The advantage of the actor defect of aggrandizement floor 1, wear-resisting: Aggrandizement floor surface layer is wear-resisting layer, it by distributing even 3 oxidation 2 aluminium are formed, generally speaking, 3 oxidation 2 aluminium distributing closer, floor wear-resisting revolution is taller. Wooden floor picture 2, breed of design and color is more: Colors style, OK emulate all sorts of natural or man-made decorative pattern. 3, nurse easily: In be used daily, need to use only pigheaded dry dishcloth, pull cloth or cleaner to undertake cleanness, if the floor appears when fat, smear, touch cleaner to wipe with cloth can. 4, installation is handy: Aggrandizement floor can be installed directly in the ground or other floor surface, need not hit earthworm. 5, wear-resisting: Compare with photograph of real wood floor, aggrandizement floor most wear-resisting layer of the surface passes special processing, can achieve very tall hardness, although if the key goes blowing,use acerb good thing, also won't leave a mark. 6, sexual price is compared admirable (low-cost).

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