occupy particular case

  • On the meeting, three root occupy particular case, current the operation management pattern of international and domestic plywood plant, engineering technology plan undertook contrasting analytic, the production current situation with respect to equipment of domestic plywood product line and upgrade transform a program to wait undertook be discussinged deep.

    Tripartite expresses consistently, will upgrade the technology that makes plywood product line in China henceforth, the respect such as service of operation of production of craft promotion, factory strengthens cooperation further.

    On September 13, lumber of the 6th world and wood trade plenary meeting are held in Wuhan, the government that comes from the 30 many countries such as the United States, Russia and area, guild, well-known company, authoritative expert represents nearly 400 people to assemble in Wuhan, " global woodiness resource uses the current situation and prospective trend " , " the strategy that Chinese forest natural resources uses thinks " and " Chinese lumber and trends of wood commerce industry " wait for many heat topic to undertake discussing.

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