May 1 Myanmar to stop exporting timber to China Domestic mahoga

  • Haikou public Mr. Zhou told this reporter that, some time ago, he will be two 10380 yuan worth of mattress commissioned by Debon logistics company Fengxiang Road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, the hands of customers, when the customer received the goods, found The mattress is damaged and refuses to sign the goods. Mr. Zhou believes that due to logistics companies and let their goods damaged, logistics companies should bear the liability for their goods. And Debon logistics company, said Mr. Zhou must pay off the logistics costs to enter the compensation process. The two sides have their own views,dark wood pub table and chairs sometimes deadlocked. After the mediation by the business sector, Debon logistics company compensation for Mr. Zhou's loss.

    According to Mr. Zhou said that on January 18 this year. He commissioned Debon logistics company Fengxiang Road shop to its items (two mattresses) to Nanchang customers home, and that the cost of payment by the receiving party. "At that time the price of these two mattresses total of 10380 yuan, I went to a fraction, the insured price of 10,000 yuan." Mr. Zhou told reporters that the logistics company will not send items to their customers at home,buy cheap garden furniture during which he and at least the logistics company Communication for nearly 20 times, the logistics company will be its items on the evening of January 26 sent to the customer home. When the customer sign items found that the two mattresses already damaged. The customer immediately decided to refuse to sign, and asked to return, and freight borne by Mr. Zhou. Mr. Zhou said that he repeatedly with Debon logistics company customer service communication, and repeatedly call Fengxiang Road, the logistics point of the fixed telephone, no one answered, and no one to come forward to solve the matter.

    Later, he and the logistics company headquarters and after-sales department to communicate several times, Debon logistics company official said, to Mr. Zhou paid the delivery costs in order to enter the claims process. However, for the views of the logistics company, Mr. Zhou said that can not accept. "The logistics company broke my goods, but also I pay the freight, and then claims, it is simply unreasonable thing." Mr. Zhou said that if he paid the freight,sports authority beach chair cooler said the end of the transaction. If the logistics company does not make claims, he would not be more loss? The two sides on the freight, each holding their own, sometimes deadlocked. Helpless Mr. Zhou complained to the business sector in Hainan Province.

    Subsequently, the Haikou City Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Zhongshan staff came to the German company Fengxiang Road shop to understand the situation and mediation. Under the mediation of the staff, Mr. Zhou agreed to pay off the transportation costs under the testimony of the third party. Logistics companies also said that after Mr. Zhou paid the freight, they also need to be able to provide relevant materials Mr. Zhou,stainless steel feet for furniture and within a certain period of time will be the shipment of Mr. Zhou in the process of causing damage to the claim. The two sides agreed on the mediation results of the staff and workers.