Dongguan furniture industry within a month to start two "billio

  • At present, the market furniture products are numerous, always let consumers dazzled, accidentally, elected to the fake and shoddy goods, it will make people crash. Now the market after the sale of chaos,rattan single armchair modern outdoor wicker leisure chair consumer rights road is long, so that the market into a downturn.

    I learned that, although many brands of furniture manufacturers pay special attention to quality issues, if not serious quality problems, as long as consumers have requirements, will be replaced. However,garden table folding camping table there are businesses still stressed that only serious quality problems will be returned.

    For what is the serious quality of furniture, introduced in 1998 and the implementation of the "Beijing furniture product repair, replacement, return responsibility" (referred to as "three bags of provisions") in detail. According to the inspection, the provisions of the four types of furniture for the definition of serious quality problems are: wood furniture (broken tenage material, parts of the deformation, loose structure, wood insects); metal furniture (welding point fracture); spring soft mattress Spring spear, serious collapse, broken spring); sofa (loose structure, component fracture, spring collapse, wood insects).

    However, the provisions since the introduction has been used for more than 10 years,professional durable rucksack chair for serious quality problems determine the furniture only includes "wood furniture", "metal furniture", "soft spring mattress", "sofa" 4 categories. Leather, wood-based panels, glass, plastic, stone, paper and other materials are not included in the furniture.