Waterproof mechanism of waterproof coating

  • Waterproof coating variety, but its waterproof mechanism can be divided into two categories, one is the coating type, the second is the hydrophobic type. Waterproof mechanism of coating type waterproof wpc flower boxes for garden coating Coating-based waterproof coating is through the formation of a complete coating to block the passage of water or water molecules to penetrate the water.

    Many polymer coatings between the molecules and molecules always have some gap between wood vs composite deck the width of about a few nanometers, it is reasonable to say that a single water molecule is fully able to pass, but the natural water is usually in the state of association, dozens of Water molecules due to the role of hydrogen bonds and the formation of a large molecular group, it is actually difficult to pass through the polymer gap, which is waterproof coating coating with the main reason for waterproof.

    Waterproof mechanism of hydrophobic waterproof how to make the space under wood deck dry uk coating Since some polymer molecules contain hydrophilic groups, the complete continuous coating of the polymer does not guarantee that all polymer coatings have good water resistance. If the polymer itself has a hydrophobic nature, so that water molecules and the coating is not compatible between, you can fundamentally solve the problem of water molecules, polysiloxane Deck and Dock Paint for Composite Flooringwaterproof coating is designed according to this principle.