the advantage stability of the floor

  • Choose and buy of floor of day type real wood is contracted and comfortable proper the life manner of a kind of present people is pursuit slow life, when that is designing the style of furniture namely, the style of day type is you not the choice of 2. Mudebanzun spreads the first selection that assembles data for day type ground, must have the colour and lustre of brief outward appearance and quietly elegant. What need an attention at the same time is, when the shop installs wooden floor board, appropriate uses relatively contracted shop to fit a style, and unfavorable use spell the relatively trival shop such as the flower to fit pattern. China floor network is here small make up recommend a few to have day of type for you the real wood floor of wind model, look together. How does day type decorate medium wooden floor to want to carry? Be in tonal on, day type is indoor much lay particular stress on of the colour in the design is mixed at log color grayish, especially contemporary day type is contracted wind, ask to the colour of the ground those who have log quality is composed. And traditional day type zephyr can choose to slant brunet material. Picture of floor of wood of style of type of day of color of day type floor decorates a style to contracted day type, what it emphasizes is concise and relaxed quietly elegant, comfortable characteristic, decorating consequently on the characteristic with the light color that can use large area or log outstanding and natural look, dash forward the grain that shows log, regression is natural.

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