Picture of kitchen wood floor

  • Stability of B of wooden floor picture, dimension is tall -- , appropriate is small unfavorable big Tips: The use environment of floor of the heat of the earth's interior is quite complex, ground of blame heating season should bear all sorts of humidity, and temperature of the ground when heating should warm up abruptly again, wooden floor bears necessarily " temperature " , " humidity " double change. So floor of the heat of the earth's interior must want stability of choose and buy good, be like aggrandizement floor, multilayer real wood floor, bamboo wood floor these are compositive and compound model floor.

    C, moistureproof hear resistance is close friends -- , appropriate at environmental protection Tips: Compositive and compound model the floor should use adhesive, adhesive needs to accord with environmental protection, agglutination intensity, high temperature resistant tall wet ageing mark of this 3 thumb. Be told especially to floor of the heat of the earth's interior, want a course to be able to bear or endure tall wet, be able to bear or endure the experiment such as microtherm, if use common adhesive, environmental protection index, be able to bear or endure wet sex, ageing resistance, expand rate all cannot amount to mark. Because this consumer is when the choose and buy, the product report that examines a businessman, examine the report is very necessary. Introduced to install the ground to warm above the requirement to the floor, hope to be helped somewhat to everybody!

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