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  • height line in the stippling, filled with water with a transparent plastic hose, the hose end face level quasi height line on the wall. Then the other end of the tube head horizontal surface, in the same side wall to find another point, when the horizontal surface of the tube is still, draw the horizontal position of the point, and then connect the two points, namely the ceiling height line. Use the same method to make a high level line on other walls. Attention should be paid to the operation, the reference height of a room is only

    one, and the height of each wall is measured. Along the wall around the play a line, this line is the horizontal line around the ceiling, the deviation is not greater than 5mm. (2) determine the other line of position: more rules for building space, the ceiling molding position can be first vertical distance in a wall, to draw a horizontal line the other wall, the ceiling position of border line, and then gradually find out the local shape frame line. For space painting ceiling molding irregular lines, should be used for law, namely

    according to the construction drawings by other edge away from the wall distance measured from the wall and ceiling base, find out about basic ceiling molding frame, each line, form the ceiling molding line. (3) determine the hanging position for flat ceiling, the hanging point is according to the arrangement of 1 per m2, even on the ceiling. The stack level shape of the ceiling, should pay attention to in the stratification at the junction of the hoisting points, hanging point spacing of 0.8 ~ 1.2m, the larger the lamp should be

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