board static music

  • Look from dimension, paring is longer, board static music intensity is higher, but this just is effective inside certain limits only, because paring is too long, use gum not easy and even, can make instead board intensity is reduced, in the meantime, too long paring is easy when the shop is installed " bridge " , in order to make paring is in whole distributing on board face inhomogenous, reduce board quality.

    The ply of particieboard, width is right board static music intensity is influential also, thicker or paring is wider, board static music intensity is lower. According to harbor of Shanghai, Home Zhang, Guangdong the lumber businessman of much ground is mirrorred, the shipment volume of Ao Guman of near future Africa picks up relatively apparent, the data gross of haven delivery of cargo from storage rises somewhat.

    At present downstream businessman rises somewhat to Ao Guman demand, and the amount that new money enters Chinese market also slants relatively little, market stock pressure of Ao Guman gets alleviating very well, because of the prices that this ability appears to rise this, the price appears again callback.

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