sound insulation of the flat hollow

  • relationship, so the density of sound insulation is relatively good, molded door is relatively light, which is the root cause of poor sound insulation door. Note: however, the sound insulation of the flat hollow door will be even better than the real wood door. 2, look at the thickness of the wood window. The thicker the surface layer, the better the insulation. General wooden doors of the use of the laminate should be 8mm thick. The thickness of the face plate is better, but the cost will be increased. But the tin surface

    layer: 3mm thick iron fire door, sound insulation effect is good. 3, look at the flatness of the door. The flat wooden doors, Mentao combination with better, but no matter what the structure. As long as the deformation of the insulation doors must not, air leakage. There is a little professional, expansion glue quality between the wall and door, this point is not good it will seriously affect the sound insulation. Note: in fact, the sound of the door and window industry with the fire door is the same as the national level, rather

    than a single definition of a content. The concept of "sound" and "sound". The principle is sound depends on the quality or material density (time, when the iron door unit area total weight less than its sound than wooden doors), and sound absorption depends on the surface area of the material and fine surface roughness (space rock wool, mineral wool, and the foam is not insulation sound-absorbing material). The method how to detect quality doors sound insulation effect above is house Xiaobian introduce you, and I

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