replace the wood to play wardrobe

  • pine, birch, basswood, Paulownia, oak, ash, elm and so on many kinds of wood. Solid wood wardrobe price: common commodity prices are subject to market demand, price level, transportation costs and other factors, the current market wood wardrobe brand series is numerous, various brands of products because of differences exist between technology, technology, and lead to differences in the corresponding product quality inevitably, thus showing a price different. In general, the well-known brands of solid

    wood wardrobe prices generally between 2000~5000 yuan, if it is a series of pure solid wood wardrobe products, the price is often around ten thousand yuan. The two or three line brand of ordinary product prices are relatively affordable, hundreds of yuan, more than 1000 yuan price to be able to choose a. Of course, the price of solid wood wardrobe with style series, functional design has a great relationship, so even the same brand of solid wood wardrobe is a high and low price. The more fashionable style

    design, the more perfect the function of the higher prices. So pay attention to the brand effect of solid wood furniture consumers, as long as the style, function to make a certain choice, the same can also be affordable price to buy the right to the solid wood wardrobe. Solid wood wardrobe price list: inside and outside the teak wood door wardrobe four price: $1999 out of three oak wood door wardrobe price: $2159 IMEC pine wood children wardrobe price: $1372.80 Obama beauty combination solid wood

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