the original roof conditions

  • This process has the following aspects: to investigate the original roof conditions to understand the structural characteristics of the roof system and the original waterproof layer of the characteristics of the material. observe the roof of the grassroots situation, if any cracking, roof dislocation and so on. to understand the extent of damage to the old waterproof layer, the use of detection equipment to determine the leakage point, according to the test results, quantitative assessment

    and as the next step for the basis of leakage management. for the details of the detailed investigation of the structure, the skylight, chimneys, floods, yin and yang angle, water outlet, parapet and other parts of the careful inspection, record the leakage situation.

    a comprehensive analysis of the leakage situation On the basis of on-site investigation, the issues involved in a careful analysis to determine the scope of maintenance and specific governance measures.

    This step includes: Leakage treatment According to the test results to determine whether the local repair or a comprehensive renovation, repair the size of the range, and what kind of construction methods. 2. What is the requirement for the durability of the waterproof layer? Whether the performance index of the waterproofing ECO Friendly Farm Fence Wholesaler material for management and maintenance can meet the requirements. If the grassroots cracks, dislocation, which should be taken to enhance the way.