license accords with the requirement

  • The lumber that obtains FLEGT license accords with the requirement of lumber code automaftically, entered European Union open for Indonesian lumber " green passageway " . According to Environment Programme and Interpol estimaftion, inside alive bound limits, silvan crime is annual value is in 100 million dollars of 300-1000, the 10 �� that take global lumber total trade - 30 �� .

    System of licensing is an European Union " FLEGT action plans " one part, pass at was being obtained 2003, aim to promote adopt keep within limits of specific arrange inflict illegal lumber commerce and promote can last forestation, and this already also was become can develop one of targets continuously 2030.

    Grain farming organization is reaching organization of its member country, other international and local associate to begin collaboration with the European Union, help intertropical lumber produce country and European Union to sign the trade agreement that has legal sanction, aim to build the lawful sex of the lumber that the mechanism will come to prove this country is produced.

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