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  • ecological, it can be said that every business is trying to build their own ecological and ecological chain. Then please elaborate on what you understand; home industry ecology;wood composite exterior cladding your business in creating eco-circle and ecological chain which acts, or what measures will be taken? The character is not; the characteristics of the large family; the opposite, the ecology; and each business are closely related. For enterprises, the integration of sustainable development resources, improve the enterprise's industrial chain, [url=]3/4 marine grade 7 ply decking[/url] which is essential. Therefore, Jusheng floor from the upstream supply chain began to strictly control, and actively introduce the FSC forest certified ecological North American material, until the packaging factory, long Sheng American flavor floor in every link are closely;

    ecological; this keyword. [Soufun home network]: 2010 is coming, please sum up the 2010 China's domestic market as a whole situation. [Zhang En Jiu]: 2010, [url= ]Wood Plastic Outdoor Flower Box[/url] the overall market is still relatively optimistic about the home market, although the property market regulation is very powerful, but from the residential investment, sales area, sales and housing prices trend, this year's property market, especially in the second and third tier cities or showing a relatively stable Of the growth, and because of the lag of the home industry, the impact of the home market is not great, our business this year,pvc panels installation sales also achieved substantial growth year on year. [Soufun home network]: Please look forward to 2011, you think the new year China's domestic market trend will be how?

    What are the opportunities and challenges? First, with the trend of real estate next year, the state of the real estate regulation more stringent, is bound to the domestic home market has a great impact,external plywood cladding in india so that the home industry is facing a new round; Ebb Tide; this is fully test the strength of enterprises crucial moment. I believe that there are strong, strategic enterprises can withstand this test, but also usher in more development opportunities. As the industry's leading brand, Jusheng floor is fully prepared for this, first of all,[url= ]High Quality WPC Material Fencing[/url] we have fully expanded the scale of industrial clusters this year, the completion of the new industrial park and industry; aircraft carrier level; brand experience museum; and the face of new consumption characteristics ,