Installation and maintenance of electrical equipment

  • Asphalt mixing plant in the construction process, industrial noise and dust generation is difficult to avoid. We should consider the installation of mixing site size at the same time, we must pay attention to the asphalt floor should be far away from the residents living areas and farmland and other places, to avoid mixing the noise and dust pollution on the lives of residents affected. Second, we should consider the power and water resources and other resource factors. Asphalt mixing plant selected site, we according to geological conditions, divided into two kinds of soft base and the field, the field after digging digging depth only after the general bedding processing, can be the basis of concrete construction; and soft ground, After digging, according to the degree of filling to decide what kind of process to use the bottom of the foundation reinforcement. Generally to play plum stakes, vibration protection, etc., or the bottom of the base area increased, to increase the basis of the carrying capacity to prevent the future due to the basic cracking or sinking to the mixing plant equipment and production to bring hidden problems. When lifting the main building as the center, so that the large items will be vacated at the same time, and then on both sides of the hoisting, including (mineral tank, dust cans, dust boxes and drums can be in a short period of time to end a large crane Machine lifting task, to achieve the purpose of saving installation costs. finish concrete hand trowel concrete vibrator harbor freight back to the oil pressure limiting valve for sale reliable and convenient road maintenance equipment