The use of concrete admixtures

  • Fully stratified. That is, in the first layer of a full pouring finished, and then back to pour the second layer. At this point the first layer of concrete should not be initial condensate, so continuous layer by layer, until the completion date. The structure of this program is not the size of the plane, the construction from the short side, along the long side of the advance, if necessary, can be divided into two sections, from the middle to both ends or from both ends to the middle of the same time pouring. Segmented hierarchical. Concrete pouring, starting from the bottom, pouring to a certain distance after pouring the second layer, so in turn pouring the other layers. As the total number of layers, so pouring to the top, the first layer of concrete at the end of the first condensed, but also from the second paragraph in turn layered pouring. This scheme is suitable for projects where the thickness of the structure is not large and the area or length is large. Bevel stratification. Requiring the slope of the slope is not greater than one-third of the length of the structure for more than three times the thickness of the situation. Concrete from the bottom of the pouring layer began to gradually move up. Early maintenance of concrete. Practice has proved that the common cracks in concrete, most of the surface cracks at different depths, the main reason is that the temperature gradient caused by cold temperatures in the cold area so that it is easy to form cracks. Therefore, the insulation of concrete to prevent the early cracks in the surface is particularly important. used paving forms for sale atlanta asphalt repair micro milling pavement patching concrete driveway sealing machine