the construction of materials transport

  • The construction of the environment to consider, mainly the construction of materials transport, storage and so on. As a lot of waterproof materials and supporting adhesives, solvents and other flammable materials, pay special modern wall panelling attention to fire measures. The cost of leaking water treatment. Under normal circumstances, due to the original roof waterproofing layer and the management of the use of materials and their performance and construction methods.

    coupled with the increase in the amount of engineering (such as the eradication of the original roof, dregs of foreign transport, etc.), making the cost of governance composite landscape timbers last leakage Higher than the cost of the new construction. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the costs of the remediation works and the guaranteed years, durability and use functions to determine the cost of expenditure.

    to determine the management of maintenance programs Through the above analysis, the development of roof leakage water treatment of detailed programs, including construction plastic resin deck cost plans and maintenance of governance programs. Management and maintenance according to the level of the building, the selection of the original waterproof layer of material and the application of the process, we should note the following: To facilitate the construction, to ensure quality.

    To take the process technology is simple, easy to operate the construction method, to minimize equipment and equipment. The choice of repair materials to be compatible with the original waterproof layer of material, not only to make the two bonding firm, and can not occur corrosion. In the roof of the more ECO Friendly Farm Fence Wholesaler complex conditions, to try to use random materials (such as paint, amorphous sealing materials, etc.). Pay attention to the choice of roof slope and the treatment of the waterproof layer.