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  • furniture is the best solid wood flooring.Solid wood flooring brand, specifications on the market every kind of, when consumers buy is look confused, actually buy the floor have certain skills, as long as the master of the skills, not afraid to not choose the good floor, and the house a look at home to buy solid wood flooring 6 skills. 1, "this is a species of teak, good stability, no deformation of love." In the purchase of solid wood flooring, shopping guides are generally introduced in detail the concept of tree species. The

    reporter simply turned the store, had heard about 10 kinds of wood under the name, then the tree in wood floor choice how important? Experts responded: should be according to need to choose expert committee, Chinese Forestry Industry Association of national forestry bureau forest products inspection center (Changchun) director Wang Jun said that different tree species has its natural attribute. For example, some of the density, weight, hardness, such as wood flooring, high strength, good resistance to

    rowing. On the contrary, some wood density is small, poor resistance, but the insulation, sound insulation effect is good. Consumers want to buy before the clear, according to personal preferences can choose. Wang Jun remind consumers, do not only focus on tree species. No matter what kind of wood processing floor, must comply with the relevant national standards to ensure quality. Even more critical is that the purchase must be based on the floor of the floor of the manual requirements for the necessary

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