importer was afraid

  • If lumber importer was afraid of because of before a few years of compensate, dare be not received or receive less now source of high priced stocks, so rise cycle will be lengthened further, because in that way stock of the home after the Spring Festival will be inadequacy.

    In recent years, the policy that autonomous county of the Mulam nationality of Guangxi collect city increases pair of lumber to process a business gives aid to and capital gives aid to, promote forest industry to " essence of life, deep, actor " way develops, extend forestry estate cable length, promote forest products additional cost.

    Current, company of deep treatment of lumber of collect city county has 39, among them dimensions above lumber runs treatment unit 17, have forestry major cooperation 41, entire county year lumber process capability amounts to above of 200 thousand stere, lumber machines production value to amount to 450 million yuan.

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