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  • Bamboo floor is after passing bamboo special and harmless processing and becoming is a kind of high-grade packaging material. It has the grain with natural bamboo, pure and fresh and decorous and free from vulgarity, natural. Bamboo floor has wintry warm Xia Liang, off color very small, life long, exterior is beautiful degree of decorous, environmental protection is advanced advantage. Zhudebanye has a few drawback, for instance, bamboo floor itself is done humidity easily by climate affect and be out of shape, especially winter north is indoor open central heating, want special attention humidity adjustment; And southern plum rains is seasonal, want to notice to keep ventilated and dry again. And if bamboo floor gets the influence such as insolation, can appear statified phenomenon. Additional bamboo floor very fear cut. We know the healthy effect that bamboo floor still is the bamboo floor with wooden good floor very, bamboo itself has the profit with a lot of pairs of good human body. Actually although bamboo makes bamboo floor board, these effect still are in. Bamboo floor can prevent rheumatism sex arthritis: Warm summer of because the attention is OK self-adjusting temperature, winter is cool, use for a long time, can reduce the happening of rheumatism sex arthritis and heart disease.

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