save life and property

  • establishs group of battle of two put out a fire instantly: The first group gives two giant from rush to save life and property of flank of the scene of a fire, prevent fire to mobile home interior panels for sale spread to circumjacent mountain forest and a house owned by a citizen; The 2nd group gives two squirt to cooperate to dig machine the tactics that adopts an edge to dig an edge to water has openly take by storm to lumber stow. Because combustion

    content is lumber, igneous replacing deck boards with composite boards situation combustion is violent, spot temperature is higher, the environment is very harsh, fire control officers and soldiers is carrying high temperature radiate on the head, the tactics that takes take turns go into work has put out a fire. 19 when 30 minutes, officers and soldiers of course fire control is close of 5 hours fight bravely difficultly,diy shops in singapore sell plastic flooring fire is put out thoroughly. Current, fire

    loss and on fire reason are in further investigation. Log of 3400 tons of Africa is brought back forcibly haven, lay aside spot of cut of half an year to bring white vinyl split rail fence price everybody to surround however view! Last year Fuzhou of the end of the year specially of one manufacturer factory director is far go to African carry back a batch of log, log resource of home still is like at that time so nervous now, the colleague in the factory is