Measures to prevent cracks

  • To prevent the temperature difference between concrete inside and outside the concrete and surface to prevent surface cracks. To prevent the concrete is too cold, should try to make the concrete construction of the minimum temperature of not less than the concrete use of the stable temperature. Prevent old concrete from overcooling to reduce the constraints between old and new concrete. The main purpose of the early maintenance of concrete, is to maintain the appropriate temperature and humidity conditions to achieve the two aspects of the effect: on the one hand the concrete from the adverse temperature and humidity deformation of the invasion, to prevent harmful cold shrink and shrink. On the one hand the smooth hydration of cement, in order to achieve the design strength and crack resistance. Suitable temperature and humidity conditions are interrelated. Coagulation of the insulation measures are often moisturizing effect. From the theoretical analysis, the new concrete contained in the water contained in the cement hydration can meet the requirements of more than. However, due to evaporation and other causes often cause water loss, thereby delaying or hindering the hydration of cement, surface concrete is the easiest and directly affected by this adverse effect. Therefore, after the first few days of concrete pouring is a critical period of conservation, in the construction should be taken seriously. easy operation manual surface grinding machine china horizontal directional drills brisbane road maintenance vehicle lighting series best asphalt crack filler suppliers