floor multi treasure pavement new technology

  • Domestic solid wood flooring giant - Anxin floor, technology research and development center recently based on the characteristics of China's geothermal floor pavement, successfully developed a "multi-paste" pavement true forest vinyl flooring technology. It is understood that Anxin previously launched the industry's first "paved treasure" pavement technology, access to a huge market effect.

    Brand technology R & D center paved the way for the geothermal floor pavement innovation is front garden fence styles a major step forward. Radiation cross-linked polyethylene, which is a thermosetting material with a mesh structure, non-toxic, odorless, non-absorbent; abrasion resistance, solvent resistance, stress cracking resistance, weatherability, anti-aging and dimensional stability Very good and very stable

    low temperature flexibility, good heat resistance, can be used in the 140 �� long-term, softening point up to 200 ��; have good electrical insulation, low temperature resistance, chemical stability and radiation resistance.

    The above characteristics determine the wpc decking environment multi-treasure paste in the floor of the pavement will play an excellent solid role for the floor pavement shift, from the arch, sound, etc. to provide a scientific solution. Especially for its heat resistance, low temperature resistance of the ECO Friendly Farm Fence Wholesaler outstanding performance, you can guarantee the temperature difference in the north is too large areas, the floor base stability.