the emulsion is relatively better

  • So the total emulsion stability of the emulsion is relatively better, the adaptation of the base surface is broader. Regardless of its base surface dry or wet, even if the phenomenon of pan-base. Generally composite board fence can also be applied. For the domestic waterproof industry on the high elongation of the product more acceptable, coupled with the vast majority of construction sites can be used, so the application of such products is extremely extensive.

    Low elongation products This type of product is relatively low due to the polymer content. Its material is relatively biased in the rigid material, so from the wood plastic composite industry outlook in dubai definition of speaking, is not very good grasp. At present, some of it will be called paint, and some will be called flexible mortar.

    General waterproof paint in the habit should have the characteristics of polyurethane rubber, so it will be called bamboo decking distributor flexible coating does not seem to accustomed to. If it is called mortar, these products do not provide compression, bending strength. And mortar generally no bending performance. However, such products in the country has been a great development. This shows ECO Friendly Farm Fence Wholesaler that it is still reasonable, so in the standard or put these products out.