can play a very good effect

  • the smaller the wall should not be linked to the larger Chinese knot and decorative firecrackers. At the same time, folk ornaments play the role of embellishment can not be too much. Look at cloth, and now cloth in all shopping malls can see, it can make your home in an instant to "new". New Year, it is recommended that you buy furniture "new clothes",

    the sofa, curtains, bedspreads into bright colors. Such as red, green, yellow and other bright colors can play a very good effect, warm small lattice or floral cotton cloth, can festive festive atmosphere. Designer Ma Lei reminder: buy sofa sets, bedspreads, curtains, try to use the same series of patterns and the same cloth,

    so that the entire room decoration decoration harmonized together. Finally look at this year's popular carpet, it has become an important item of home decoration. Recently, the reporter from the capital of some home market to see, many people have begun to choose to use the carpet to decorate their own home.

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