study of Hubei

  • Course of study of Hubei blessing Han Mu (group) develop Luo Kan of general manager of finite liability company to also express, lumber develops as national economy society and people is born the strategic goods and materials with indispensable work, home supplies ability to be not worth badly, external depend on sb or sth for existence is spent tall. Additional, to 2017, the whole nation is natural forest commerciality cuts will stop in the round, problem of shortage of Hubei province lumber will be further aggravate. How solving this problem will be a heat that future discusses continuously.

    The whole world is supplied import country and one of treatment countries as the biggest lumber on the world, china had formed the entrance channel of diversity. China's main needle leaf material imports origin ground to be North America, russia, new Zealand and Baltic area, ground of main origin of entrance of broad leaf material is southeast Asia, Africa and in South America. Come from Latvian investment to develop sign (market of lumber of Er of Sai Ke of lady,

    New Zealand mixes the Susanne Rudenstam of construction project chief inspector of association of trade of timber of Jyrki Salmi of senior partner of firm of the Kaspars Abiks of advanced project manager that LIAA) exports stimulative ministry, Finnish Indufor Oy, Sweden Mike Edwards of politic chief inspector, general manager of limited company of Odisha plantation development Dr. Ajay Mahapatra of the Edmund Alejandro Day Assad of Mexican La Mision,

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