Province forest finally

  • Cut with respect to Hunan Province forest finally point of technology of operation of system of carriage management of management and lumber reached use method to undertake introduce in detail and explaining, be united in wedlock actually machine operation demonstrates, still groom the question that personnel raises refers answer, it is better to was obtained groom the effect.

    Particieboard is China the portion in man-made board product is the smallest board kind. 2024, the whole nation produces particieboard 20.88 million stere, after experience enjoys growth two years continuously, implementation grows about 20.8% , occupy all man-made board 7.6% of output, production value makes an appointment with 27 billion yuan. Among them woodiness particieboard particieboard of woodiness of 20.53 million stere, blame 350 thousand stere. Go 20 years countrywide particieboard output year all add fast achieve 25.4% .

    2024, outside dividing Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Tibet, Gansu Province, Qinghai, Ningxia, Xinjiang, the others is saved 23 times (city, area) all have particieboard production. 3.68 million stere ranks Shandong particieboard crop 4 years continuously the first, occupy countrywide particieboard gross nearly 28% , 2.92 million stere resides Heibei particieboard crop the 2nd, jiangsu particieboard crop 2.8 million stere row the 3rd.

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