the development of space is great

  • in the vigorous development of the home industry, began to emerge, become a can not be underestimated industry. At the end of 2006, China Forest Products Industry Association announced the establishment of decorative paper professional committee. China Forest Products Industry Association Zhang Senlin said that the "small industry" is currently on the number of enterprises has reached more than 800,

    one year to create the output value reached 11 billion yuan. According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Woods, the introduction of the total amount of decorative paper in the forestry industry is not great, but the added value and technical content is relatively high, furniture, flooring should use decorative paper,

    so the development of space is great. It is understood that decorative paper is a lot of building materials in the essential raw materials, such as furniture, cabinets used in low-pressure board, high-pressure board, as well as fire boards, flooring and so on. In China, Tianjin Zhongyuan Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., Hebei Hengyuan Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

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