Wood and environmental protection

  • First, the advantages of wood: wood-plastic profile is the use of biotechnology, the use of specially configured reaction initiator for wood flour and plastic pre-plastic processing and the production of new composite materials. It has a strong anti-uv (UV) performance and better physical properties, and is more stable than wood, because it has a natural chemical fiber composition. Warp, no cracks, no scarring; can be nailed, can be sawed, can be woven, can be bonded, and easy to repair; not afraid of insects, can be recycled and reused, but also biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and easy Installation, saving a lot of manpower and material resources, the most important thing is not only save the wood, but also the use of waste plastics for the cause of the Earth's environmental protection has made due responsibilities and contributions.

    Second, the advantages of preservative wood: anti-corrosion wood in addition to anti-corrosion special, but also has anti-termite, fungi, anti-corrosion of the three basic functions. Antiseptic wood also has good permeability, resistance to loss of the characteristics of strong, but also inhibit the treatment of wood moisture content changes, reduce the degree of wood cracking. Especially for outdoor, for the outdoor many of the existing landscape is made of preservative wood.

    Third, the advantages of solid wood: a lot of solid wood species, the species is also the main factor affecting the price of solid wood. If the general points, there are maple, birch, white thorn wood, elm; in the high-end oak, twilight hematoxylin, teak, balsam beans; and more high-end black walnut, Ebony, red sandalwood, sour, pear and other precious wood made of solid wood composite panels. Solid wood is generally used in the interior more, such as made of solid wood furniture, now use more, it is beautiful texture, different characteristics of different wood, or hard and tough, or material hard, slightly oily, or structural uniform Application of the place may be appropriate to choose, in general, the overall advantages of solid wood is good stability, beautiful and elegant wood.

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