to clean up in a timely manner

  • liquid, strong acid and alkaline substances, such as toilet cleaners, kitchen degreaser is no good, high temperature liquid or objects, prohibit direct placement on the surface of the wood floor, so as not to damage the surface. Of course, out of the drug should also remember to clean up in a timely manner. 10, some of the more sharp feet, especially heavy objects, prohibit the direct placement on the wooden floor surface, so as not to scratch, damage the surface of the wood floor, leading to shorten the life of wood

    flooring. Heavy objects should be placed on the side, as this allows the other side of the floor of free movement, will not lead to the floor arch. Bedding plate protection is also very necessary. Two, how to deal with the wood floor in 1 scratches scratches with brown or light colored leather leather oil, oil and paint on the door must be color light similar, with a dry cloth and rub along the grain, until the color of wood covered deep scratches, and waxing and polishing. 2 old newspapers crushed into confetti, plus alum

    water Mashable, fill in the recess, dry with fine sandpaper smooth, floor paint brush cover, and then waxing and polishing can be. 3 if the wood floor is deep scratches, the use of professional grinding equipment with the construction technology of Germany through thick and thin, worn old processes floor paint scratches. Fine tune the putty grinding out with sawdust on the floor fill seam scraper. After polishing the ground and cleaning, brushing professional floor paint. Conclusion: you have not learned a little

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