"Asphalt Mixing"

  • "Asphalt mixed method" means that the waste powder in the refinery or asphalt library and hot asphalt mixed, and then sent to the asphalt concrete mixing plant or construction site. "Asphalt mixed method" can also be used as a "wet" production of a, but the amount of waste rubber powder is generally not more than 10%, the amount of rubber powder is low, and rubber asphalt ("wet" production) Low viscosity, mixing the mixture can not achieve the same performance of rubber asphalt mixture. Wet process characteristics Wet preparation of rubber modified asphalt process is simple, with the existing polymer modified asphalt equipment can be a certain transformation can be carried out. However, the modification effect is related to many factors, such as: asphalt varieties, powder source, production methods, compatibilizer, filler and stabilizer content, variety, filling methods and modified asphalt mixing equipment type, Cutting speed, mixing time, temperature, etc., therefore, to produce qualified rubber powder modified asphalt also need to carry out systematic theory and practice of the study. Finally, prepare the next layer. Asphalt surface construction, the grassroots should focus on inspection: whether the height of meet the requirements, whether the loose surface, flatness to meet the requirements, do not meet the requirements of the specification to be dealt with to ensure that the grassroots surface dry, clean, loose loose stone, dust and Impurities. patio crack filler supplies chemical concrete breaking uk road making machine supplier in Chicago asphalt crack sealant for sale