phenomenon. Should use cleaning agents

  • best to advance the brush waterproof coating. 2, will not be oil drops to the floor, immediately with a cloth or paper to wipe, not in time, will produce grease and discoloration phenomenon. Should use cleaning agents, such as water, and then carefully wipe wax. 3, autumn and winter festival in order to increase indoor air humidity, can be used to increase the humidity of indoor air conditioning to keep at 50% - 70%. 4, mobile furniture should not push and pull directly on the floor, should raise move and care.

    Often moving furniture can be glued to the bottom of a layer of rubber. 5, if the outdoor humidity is greater than the indoor humidity, you can close doors and windows, to maintain indoor humidity, if the outdoor humidity is less than indoor humidity, you can open doors and windows to reduce indoor humidity. In the hot and humid weather, you can open the air conditioner or electric fan. 6, if you accidentally flooding in large areas or long time to be immersed in water, such as water retention should be dry with a

    dry cloth, and let it dry naturally, prohibited the use of electric drying or sun exposure. 7 places, installation must stay within 15 days, if it is not to live, we must maintain indoor air circulation, avoid the floor dry and aging in advance. Can not be covered with plastic paper or newspaper, so as to avoid the long time surface film sticky, loss of luster. 8, the use of wet cloth to clean up, remember the humidity is not too large, so as not to hide moisture from the gap, increasing the humidity of the wood floor. 9, corrosive