nano-hole materials

  • the use of new technologies, such as nano-hole materials such as new insulation materials, sealing materials technology, new burners and so on. Andalusite has become a new, honeycomb ceramic raw materials pvc lumber sizes in addition to the existing technology of an academic study, the meeting on some of the new technology also discussed. Compared with the red and pang stone can be directly with semi-dry pressure molding technology to suppress, a burning directly into the honeycomb ceramic

    not only large output, energy saving can replace the original raw materials, so that the original ever-decreasing raw materials with alternatives. This will also be a revolutionary furniture grade plastic composite breakthrough in the ceramic industry.

    Microwave heat energy will become a new source of heat In the energy side, Changsha Longtai Microwave Thermal Engineering. Chairman Zhang Xiaodong made "microwave outdoor composite floorboards energy in the ceramic industry in the application" for the ceramic industry to find energy alternative energy - energy. Electricity to produce microwave, with the heat generated by microwave to replace the original fire burning to obtain the heat, the furnace heating and so on. We all know that electricity is a renewable energy, in the era of declining energy, looking for renewable energy as combinig wwod railing with compsite decking an alternative energy, must be the trend of development of the times.