Hot new ceramic technology innovation results

  • The development of inkjet technology from the spray glaze preasure treated porch tongue and groove technology and dusting technology has become another new trend can not be ignored. In the Italian show, he has seen some of the enterprise dusting machine, with the form of powder cloth, cloth is very beautiful pattern to produce tiles, which can be described as a revolutionary breakthrough.

    Inkjet machine to powder, to spray glaze, to achieve the colorful pattern of cloth, and spray glaze more composite decking sagging uniform and delicate, how much will be a deep revolution in the equipment industry?

    Wide body kiln energy saving, mainly because of three reasons The First, as the kiln becomes larger, the distance from the arch of the kiln l shaped workbench plans in Troms is elongated, and the fuel is increased, but the flue gas is not increased, and the flow rate of the flue gas in the kiln Slow down, heat exchange full.

    Second, because the flow rate becomes slower, the space becomes larger, the resistance becomes smaller, the negative pressure of the fan smoke is reduced, so the amount of cold air leaked from the kiln roll ramp is reduced, which is equivalent to reducing the Wood Plastic Fence, Wood Plastic Composite Supplier - Shanghai Seven Trust coefficient inside the flue gas, The heat in the flue is much less.