Increase the winter pavement repair efforts

  • Since 2016, Guangxi Qinnan Highway Administration in conjunction with the Coastal Highway Administration to carry out the "conservation and conservation of the quality of the project" activities,Concrete Roller Online Transactions around the "drainage water" special activities, earnestly grasp the area road road road surface remediation work, and actively create " Smooth, safe, comfortable, beautiful "road traffic environment. One is timely on the road cracks and closed the closure; the second is to cut off the shoulders of high grass, shovel low shoulder, in order to facilitate rainy road drainage; three is to dig drainage ditch, clean up roadside garbage and deposits,inexpensive parker plant asphalt Side slope high grass, at the same time do a good job of bridge and dredge and all kinds of security risks investigation; Fourth, the inside of the curve of the traffic line of sight trees to repair, to ensure good traffic and traffic safety.

    Up to now, the cumulative closure of pavement cracks 12802 meters, clean the roadside ditch weeds 209.78 km, dug ditch 2.87 km, 2214.63 cubic meters, clearing the landslides 413.7 cubic meters,Automatic Bridge Maintenance Machinery effectively improve the drainage capacity of the road.